Oil rig construction in Minecraft(Tekkit)

I found a big oil well off a coastline and thought I'd build an oil rig. It was pretty deep but I used programmable machines to do the bulk of the construction work. Here a Turtle is building a strut from the sea bed.
Almost completed two struts of four.
Two done.
Work continues at night. A turtle is laying a base plate between the three existing struts.
Base plate almost done. The slightly wonky programing of the Turtles can be seen in the jagged edges.
Now the basic structure is almost done.
This is the console from which I did the programming and launched the Turtles. Wonderfully minimalistic.
It's time to build a place for myself and the machinery. Nice marble floor, no?
Now we're into Bond-villain territory.
But I'm not sure Bond villains would have this stylish decoration.
Here's oil being pumped up and into a nearby room.
The aforementioned room. This is the oil after it has been refined into fuel, which is much better for the engines.
And here are some furnaces powered by engines using the refined fuel. I'm leading raw stone into them to be processed into stone that can be made into the same kind of brick used for the walls of this room. It would be used for later, even bigger constructions...