Minecraft - Power plant

Another oil well, this time on land. I'm still using turtles to build the big homogenous parts like walls and roofs. While all oil processing facilities I make are power plants this one actually looks like a nuclear power plant. Well, it did a bit later on.
Kind of a tall building.
Now the entire tower of oil is neatly encompassed by the structure. Note the ground as it will change a lot over the construction.
A roof with a skylight, a pump and some construction utilities. The spot lights that shine down the walls were hell to get materials for.
But they do the job well. Can't have mobs spawn in the darkness.
Along the right wall we can see an armored room where I keep my ME stuff. They store things as energy, so I can have 60 000 blocks of stone in a small room. But I wouldn't be happy if all that was blown to smithereens(diamonds, ores, etc) so it's made from obsidian with hardened glass and steel doors. Creepers can step right up!
Pumping has been under way for some time and only the sub-surface oil remains. To the left are tanks of the pumped oil and to the right a refinery.
With the oil gone I could lay down a nice marble floor and straighten out the small pond.
Here's my automated crop growing system outside the power plant. The lower building connecting to the big cube is the engine room, featured below.
I used six combustion engines with a water pump per pair.
The engine room also contained microchip fabrication and later on furnaces. A bio-generator was manufactured at huge expense(I had to travel to the Nether, defeat several rare mobs and make Blaze rods - which took me days!) to turn excess from the crop production into power.