Watches I Like

Here's the foundation being laid for my sky scraper in the sea. No spiders, creepers or even enders. I reprogrammed the Turtles to skip certain sections on their way up because I was going to have glass there.
As these improvised stairs show, there was quite a lot of manual labor required as well.
It's moving on up.
Here the final floor is being put down. The black box on top is an obsidian safe room for my ME stuff. Can't have all my diamonds, gold and so on get blown up by a creeper!
This is the inside of the safe room, with the basic ME apparatus in place.
I put a glass penthouse on top for enjoying rain and lightning.
An realtor's shot of the property.
Here I've hooked up the ME machinery. The path of the pipes and cables were later covered in obsidian as well.
The engine room of the sky scraper was quite modest but used fail safes after an unfortunate accident at my oil rig...
I finally added two platforms for growing crops and breeding cows. It was my first attempt at using machinery for automatic food production so by the time I built the power plant things were much better.