Interesting technologies

, then Chef or Puppet will serve you as well as can be expected. Chef is for command line freaks and Puppet for people who want everything and the kitchen sink.
Name Description
Hadoop Java-based framework for distributed computations. Not high availability-style distribution as far as I understand it, more like HPC.
Puppet A polar opposite to Chef while still doing the same job. Which is what kills it: it tries to do the same job. That job shouldn't be done and so Chef and Puppet fall at the first hurdle. If you run 20+ nodes and can't use containers or... something other than mutating a live server time and time again
F# Functional and object oriented programming language for .Net.
Eiffel Programming language that seems to have been very much in vogue around '95-'96. Introduced the notion of Design-by-Contract.
Zope Application server for the Python programming language. I figure it's kind of like Glassfish only no explicit API.
BPEL Business process orchestration language. Seems like a drag-and-drop way of combining services(in the Service Oriented Architecture sense of the word) to fulfill certain business functions. Bonita BPM seems like an interesting tool.
OpenStack Cloud platform that superseded Eucalyptus as the Ubuntu cloud solution of choice. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 12.
eyeOS Cloud desktop solution that you can run yourself. But very outdated.
Pacemaker/Open Cluster Framework Cluster framework for high availability. Also consider Piranha. References: Admin Network & Security issue 03, Linux Magazine June 2012.
Linux Containers(LXC) Container virtualization solution for Linux. Native to the Linux kernel. Works well with cgroups. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 06. Effectively superseded by Docker which builds upon LXC.
csync File synchronization tool for Linux.
Logcheck, Logtail, Logsurfer, Logdigest Various tools for monitoring log files.
Folder redirection with Windows Libraries Method of accessing network resources(read about it in the same magazine where I read about RADOS/Ceph).
Mail Archiva Mail archiver solution.
Areca Backup, luckyBackup, TimeVault, fwbackups Linux and cross platform backup applications.
OpenVZ Linux container virtualization. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 01. Only used for virtual hosting scenarios I think.
Dart JavaScript-like programming language for web applications from Google.
Ruby on Rails No introduction to this iconic web framework should be necessary.
Spin/jBACI Model checker for distributed programs(Spin) and concurrency simulator(jBACI). Read about them in a book I just got called Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming.
Spring framework A Java framework that sits somewhere between Java SE and Java EE. Mainly this aims at web applications but can be used for various purposes. Seems to have been very popular back when I added it to this list.
NAC/NAP/RADIUS System for only allowing correctly configured and updated computers onto a network. NAC is the generic version while NAP is a Microsoft system tying in with Windows Server. RADIUS is a classical tool for keeping track of and approving connected computers.
PacketFence Linux tool for managing NAC, monitoring security status of clients etc. Can provide some NAC without the existence of 802.1x capable switches.
Microsoft Security Compliance Manager Free tool for checking how Microsoft products are configured. Probably Windows Server oriented.
AppLocker Microsoft Windows tool to restrict which applications can be run on client computers. Intended for Windows 7 but has limited support on Vista and XP SP3.
Java Security Manager Functionality in Java for only running software signed with proper keys.
Data Loss Prevention Software I doubt I can get my hand on this stuff but I'd like to take it for a spin and see how clever these systems get. (MyDLP is free though)
Endian A free software firewall Endian Unified Threat Management.
Snort, Snorby, Oinkmaster, Pulled Pork, Barnyard2 Netork intrusion detection software with addons. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 01
ModSecurity Web Application Firewall system. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 01
Pluggable Authentication Module PAM is the backbone of Linux authentication. Apparently generic USB memory devices can be used for two-part authentication. References: Admin Network & Security issue 01, Linux Format December 2007
SystemTap/DTrace Profiling and troubleshooting systems for Linux and Solaris/FreeBSD respectively. Reference: Admin Network & Security issue 01
Apache Thrift Stub generator for client/server applications. Write a specification in Thrift and it will generate data structures and client/server applications in whatever language you choose.
Cassandra Heavy hitter in the NoSQL world of big databases with high reliablity.
LVS/RHCS Linux Virtual Server and Red Hat Cluster Suite are suitable for both load-balancing and high availability. Explored them once before.
Solr Java search thing-a-ma-bob. [ Edit: Elasticsearch is now preferred ]
Redis/Memcached Somewhere an expert on in-memory key-value databases just got very angry reading those two things bundled like that. But I think they seem to serve kind of the same purpose. Blisteringly fast but partly volatile key-value storage. Memcached seems all volatile while redis offers a sliding scale of persistence.
Varnish Web application accelerator. Needs some tweaking to make it work according to the documentation but can then properly cache content that doesn't change so often.
Gradle/Gulp Build systems for Java and JavaScript respectively.
Artifactory/Archiva Local Maven repositories for deploying once own artifacts and caching external ones.
CouchDB NoSQL database with REST interface.
GitLab Open Source Github variant that you can run on your own server. There also seems to be a console shell client.
Chocolatey Windows package manager.
Reactive Programming RxJS, ELM are examples of this approach. ELM is functional reactive.
Meteor Enticing web framework. Seems even more monolithic than AngularJS though. Their web page tries to convince me that isn't the case by showing Angular and React used within Meteor.
Ember No, it's too controlling about data models and how it stored to the backend.
ClojureScript Is to JavaScript what Clojure is to Java. Which means it's a LISP derivative which means it's harder to read than assembler. So NO!
Grails Groovy on Rails sort of.
Kubernetes+Flocker+Ceph/Google Persistent Disk+Multi master+Træfik+Romulusd To make Kubernetes a functional tool in my eyes, several additions are necessary.
SmartOS Interesting KVM+Solaris Zones+ZFS OS for data center usage.
DC/OS Addition to Linux systems to make them part of an Apache Mesos cluster. I think...
Fossil Interesting alternative to Git. Single binary with Web UI built in.
Redmine Alternative to Trac. Got it running on Kubernetes for testing.
EJBCA JEE PKI Certificate Authority. I like PKI as a tool.
BleachBit Cleans disk space and protects privacy. Purges memory. Makes life difficult for forensics people and spies basically.
NixOS Interesting new OS that feels like it borrowed some ideas from Solaris 11. Transactional updates are the big thing.
Snappy Ubuntu Ubuntu's take on NixOS' ideas.
FreeBSD 10 and bhyve I like having different systems to choose from. Solaris 11 was an adventure. CentOS served me well. BSD hasn't seen much use but FreeBSD 10 and it's bhyve hypervisor is worth checking out.
Apache Mesos Think Kubernetes only more advanced and more complicated. Still, I feel Mesos is more "complete" than Kubernetes. Also, it exposes cluster synchronization primitives via Java and C++ libraries. What? You don't find that as enchanting as I do?
Apache Zookeeper It is to Mesos what etcd is to Kubernetes.
Cloud Foundry Seems to be a sort of PaaS thing that you run on VMware vSphere. Interesting idea but only practical for massive organizations I'd suspect.
Frama-C Kind of like SPARK Ada but for C. Yes... Someone wrote a formal proof checker for C! That makes about as much sense as an honest to God headline on BBC: "Piglets probed over security breach". But it's appreciated and interesting.
Qubes OS Xen-based compartmentalized workstation OS.
Foreman Management and provision software
Galera Clustered MySQL/MariaDB
Passenger Web application server on top of Apache or something